The After Christmas Crash

How are you doing today, dear Mama?

I would absolutely LOVE IT if you would share a little bit about your Christmas was with me in the comments below!

Mine was pretty good!

It all went smoothly and was pleasant. I did feel strange a bit. I felt like Christmas wasn't really coming and at the same time I felt exhausted and just wanted it over with... Anyone else?

It was a special time and really sweet to get to see family and exchange gifts and hang out. It was such a blessing to be able to get some things we needed/wanted for Christmas and it was even nice weather, we had SUN Christmas day here in Oregon! Weird, right?

Now, it's after Christmas and I'm seriously feeling the after Christmas CRASH! I'm TIRED!! I'm EXHAUSTED! I could nap for HOURS if only my kid would nap that long as well. My kids are tired, excited and happy, but tired as well. My hubby is tired. It's just been a lot of busy and doing and getting ready and now, BOOM, it's after Christmas and another year is about to pass.

We'll talk a little more about New Years Goals for 2020 on Monday but I wanted to share a few tips with you (that I need to apply for myself) to help with the after Christmas fall out.

#1 Do your best to rest! Yes, you still might have a few family things to do. You still might go out and about but try and relax. Maybe do your activities more slowly, or maybe spread them out. Go shopping one day and then clean the house the next, instead of doing both in one day. And if your kids (or you) need an extra nap, do that! :)

#2 Enjoy the memories and moments. Regardless of how Christmas went (and no one has a perfect Christmas), pick out the moments that you enjoyed most. For us, we got to visit a neighbor lady who was alone Christmas Eve. We got to hear her stories and sit and talk and it was just so special.

#3 Make your house peaceful... I'll try and explain this well. We all like keeping our house differently. The lighting, the amount of clutter, even the sound of music can all effect us differently. What I encourage you to do is after the rush and mess of Christmas to put your house back into a place that you find peaceful and serene.

#4 Pat yourself on the back. You did it! :)

Much love,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and COMMENT BELOW to tell me about it. <3



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