The Apron...

This morning I had a dream, and I really felt like it was for you, mamas, so I wanted to share it with you.

I was at the county fair and I had entered myself into the talent show (something I have never done before, but my kids have competed in the past). I was wearing my Nanny costume from The Nutcracker. For those that don’t know, I play a Nanny that gets Drosselmeyer’s magical bag and visits Clara and the Nutcracker while they are on their adventure. The character was created to make stall scenes in between the normal dances so dancers had more time for costume changes, but it has become a fun (though embarrassing) part to play.

Anyway, I’m standing on stage at the fair with my black dress and stockings and shoes and my crisp white apron. Only my apron collar is hung up on my bun and the apron is covering half of my face. People laugh as I pretend to struggle to get my apron down, but it wont budge. Finally I pretend to be exasperated and give up.

“Do I look like an apron?”

People don’t know what to answer, some laugh a little.

“Do I look like an apron?”

People answer. “No.”

“That’s right, I don’t look like an apron. I just look like I am wearing an apron.” I pull the apron down and fit it properly. “Wearing it the wrong way, but wearing it none-the-less.”

“Are we defined by what we wear? No, we are not. Just because we wear an apron doesn’t mean we are an apron. I’m dressed as a nanny right now, but that doesn’t mean I am a nanny. I am actually a mama to five kids, so I do a lot of the same work that a nanny does. But that doesn’t define me, either.”

“I do dishes every day. Often two or three times a day. That does not mean that I am dishes.”

“I do laundry, sooooo much laundry, every week. That does not mean I am laundry.”

“I think too often we define ourselves by what we do, don’t you? Or what we look like. Or what we wear.”

“Being a mama is a big part of who I am, but it doesn’t define me, either.”

“I am ME. I was ME since the moment of conception, the only ME that has ever existed, completely individual and unique from all you other MEs.”

“I don’t know what this means to you, but to me it means that I am cherished individually by a loving Creator. It means I have an identity that is special, one-of-a-kind, and valuable to planet Earth. Because I am the only ME who has ever been, who ever will be, and I was placed to live on earth at this time for a reason.”

“To raise these kids. To love and support this husband. And my family and friends. To make a difference in my small part of this world.”

"You make a difference, mama. You were put here for a reason. Don’t let the mundane everyday chores of this life convince you that nothing you do is significant, or that you are defined by what you do. You are showing your children and spouse and everyone in your life how to serve out of love. What could be more important than that???"

Lots of love,


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