We did it!

Christmas is over…

How are you feeling, mama?

My mom asked me that question about two weeks ago and, with tears in my eyes, I responded, “The Christmas season is hard on women.”

And it is.

I’m not sure how things go in your household, but in mine I’m the one who makes or buys most of the Christmas presents (we have a big extended family, and that is a lot of work!). I organize all our seasonal activities. I usually do all the baking and most of the cooking (my hubby does help some). I’m not trying to complain, my husband does what he can and he bares the financial burden of Christmas, but I feel like women just carry a lot of extra during the holiday season, on top of our normal household duties (which I am currently way, way behind on).

I'm a Star Wars fan and I couldn't resist this one because it is so true! At least in my household, haha!

But you know what? I feel like we also get more of the joy of Christmas.

We get to plan all these fun events and watch our children enjoy them. We get to see the delight on our loved ones’ faces as they open the presents that we carefully purchased or created for them. We do a lot of work, and it’s exhausting, but we also get to reap the benefits of all our hard work.

No matter how your holiday turned out, mama, I hope you can see how your hard work and love towards your family are a blessing to this world.

Lots of love,


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