When Christmas is Hard

Christmas is 2 DAYS AWAY!!

Christmas can be hard. Whether it's the business, the finances, the relatives. It could be your missing a loved one this year or your Christmas traditions have changed. Whatever it is, some time it's just hard.

I'm looking forward to Christmas and I'm proud of the tasks and projects I've accomplished on my Christmas List. I love Christmas, I really do. It's my favorite. The lights and festivities, the gifts and family time. The traditions and the tree. It's such a sweet time but it's not always that easy, that happy, sometimes it's hard.

I've been struggling with disappointment this Christmas season. I had envisioned it differently. I had an image in mind, maybe that of last year, that's just not a reality this year. Our week before Christmas was way busier than anticipated and those peaceful Christmas projects turned out to be "get 'er done" projects. The weekend before Christmas my husband was gone which means making cookies for the neighbors probably isn't going to happen.

And our 10 Days of Christmas, though nice, is just not the same because my baby is no longer a baby but a toddler and is needy, clingy, and into everything... It's just not the same.

So, as I look forward to Christmas and accept the lead up to Christmas has been less then what I desired. I'm reminded what Christmas is all about: LOVE.

It's not about the gifts, though it feel like it some times. It's not about the events, though they are a lot of fun. It's not about the cookies, pies, and perfectly cooked ham. Christmas is about LOVE, it's about Jesus. It's about family and getting together to show our love to one another.

So let's let go of all the preparations that we can. Let's throw the list of all we could still be doing and let's put first loving each other well in this season, whatever that looks like to you, for Christmas is about love!

Merry Christmas!


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