A Disappointing Day

I talked to you on Wednesday about our snow day "adventure" and that just being up in the snow and managing the children was a challenge in itself.

We ended up walking along the road, like I mentioned, which was nice, but then we stopped in hopes of a sledding hill and the baby began to melt. He was crying and unwilling to be comforted. We tried everything and my husband finally announced that our short trip needed to be over. 

He went off to get the truck and graciously took the baby with him so I could sled down the hill a few times before our time was up. I did sled down the hill and the brief exhilaration was wonderful and rejuvenated. I just needed a little fun to get my blood pumping.

My hubby pulled up with the truck a short time later with the baby and I was hoping that all the baby had calmed down. My hubby popped out of the truck and said "Let's go! The baby has been screaming the whole time."

I was disappointing. I thought we would be able to stay a little longer. I went to help calm the baby, still hoping that we could make a fire and eat the lunch I had packed up in the snow. But it was time to go. My husband was worried about the truck which had made strange noises on the way up the mountain, the baby was still not in a great mood, and our eldest wasn't really able to do anything but sit in the snow because of her injured leg. 

I resigned to the fact that the family outing was over but I battled disappointment the whole way home and even after we got home. I had planned, packed, prepared, made food, and endured stress to get everyone even in the car to go to the snow! Then to get there and barely do anything and go back home to the laundry and clean up that followed was really disappointing!

I'm a "recovering perfectionism" and I still struggle terribly with letting things go when they don't go like I wanted. It's a struggle to accept what feels like defeat and moving on.

I was reminded by this disappointing lack of adventure that:

-Family time isn't always just fun time but it's always worth making the time and effort anyway

-That there really is a season for everything

-And that having a family IS an adventure

-I remembered my mantra "It doesn't have to be perfect"

Much love,


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