A New Kind of Adventure

I've been craving an adventure lately.

A good adventure with my family is something that makes me feel alive, young, and intensely grateful and joyful all at the same time.

I've always loved adventure. I was raised with adventure. As kids, my siblings and I would go out into the woods during the cold and wet and see how long we could keep warm. We would spend hours hiking to the beach and then climbing rocks once we got there. My dad would take us on lots of adventures. We made fort, played Indians, and had a ton of fun.

I LOVE adventures. My husband loves adventures. So, as a family, we have had a lot of good once. Mainly we hike, because that is the most adventurous and doable thing we've found to do with kids. We also go to the beach, climb rocks, and swim. We like to push ourselves, try new things, and see how far we can make it.

I've been craving an adventure and we finally got SNOW near by. The kids were SO eager to go to the snow... I wasn't that eager. I would love a day in the snow full of sledding, hiking, and getting so cold and hungry that food and warmth are incredibly delicious but... I have a baby, and a daughter on crutches, AND we just got a puppy. I knew my adventure probably wasn't go to be what I was hoping for.

Saturday morning, we got up, packed up, brought extra clothes, food, and water and headed to the snow. I wasn't expecting much adventuring but I was still hoping for a good time. 

We FINALLY made it to where we were going, climbed the steep hill in our truck, with no turnarounds we had to blast through a pile of snow to even park so we could get out.

The baby HATED it! He was scared and hated his gloves and hood and snowsuit with a passion. I tried pulling him around on the sled and he fell over into a snow hole and began to holler all the louder. My daughter on crutches was put on a sled as well but then when my hubby and other daughter dashed off to find a sledding hill she started to cry because she wasn't with everyone.

I was beginning to see my "adventure" wasn't a nice physical challenge but that instead the adventure was just managing to get my family up in the hills and maintaining all my little ones while up there.
This was the short-lived happy moment of the whole trip.

We ended up walking along the road looking for a sled spot. My daughter on crutches obviously needed help. I ended up pulling her and the baby over the slushy road and I loved it. It was challenging, it was hard, and I was doing what I needed to get out with my family.

Sometimes our adventures aren't what we want, but Mama, we are on an adventure just by being moms! Doing the day in and day out is a challenge! Trying to go somewhere with all the kids can be quite adventurous. Doing life as a mom is an adventure. Do your best to enjoy the ride.

I will be sharing with you some more of this day in Friday's blog.

Much love,


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