A Place of Their Own

Building "play" into your home.

I'm currently reading a book (WOW! Applause please). It's actually an "old" book, by which I mean anyone and everyone has probably already read it if they're interested in reading and in the HGTV Fixer Uppers, Chip and Joanna Gaines. I'm reading The Magnolia Story. It's been really enjoyable and fun to slowly read through it and hear more of their story.

I just finished the chapter where Joann has a breakthrough about not just designing a beautiful home but one that is functional for her stage of life (with four kids). I immediately thought about my house and if it is functional for my kiddos... Is my house a good place to play? Hmm... Not exactly. I like it clean...

But we have this beautiful backyard that I adore that is also the kids "Free Zone" which means, as far as it's up to me, nearly anything goes and they are free to be kids, make messes, build stuff, you name it.

They do have three rules:
1. Don't destroy anything
2. Don't climb on the fence (it's falling apart)
3. Don't climb on the roof

I know kids need a place to just let loose and be free, to make messes and try new things. So in our home it's the backyard that is the kids' place.

We have rest time every day and my older girls rotate with who takes rest time inside and who takes it outside. Rest Time is their Free Time to play with whatever they want. Outside has been an amazing array of games, projects, and creations.

Currently we have a "house" in our backyard designed by my two imaginative girls. It's made out of a large tall table, a roll top desk top and a doggy fence. They've played with this creation in so many ways. Also, a mattress (we just haven't taken it to the dump yet) has been an array of fun things for them as well. And then we have the tire swing. Oh, the tire swing... It's cringe worthy in every way! It's held up by a dog chain put together with dog lease clips, and despite all my fears and concerns I've let them be brave, find adventure, and they've had endless fun playing on that thing and recreating it whenever they feel like it.

Kids need space where they're not worried about making messes or mistakes, our backyard is that for my kids. Do you have a place for your kids to let loose and make a mess?

Much love,


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