Dear Mama, you don’t have a to...

A while back, I was having a Mama's night out with my friends and the conversation turned to makeup and skin care...

I politely listened to the conversation, but didn’t have much to add. I don’t have much of a history with makeup. My mom wore it very seldom. My friends taught me how to put on makeup when I was a young teen, but I was never a big fan and didn’t get into the routine of putting it on every day. I probably wear it once a year, during Nutcracker. And I seriously only wash my face about 2-3 times a week, and never use anything on it unless I’m feeling dry and then use a coconut/essential oil blend.

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Shortly after that Mama’s night out, Mrs. Joy posted about how she liked to put on just a little makeup to make her feel special. It’s something she does as part of her self-care. We video chat often and she is usually putting in her makeup when we do.

So all this made me wonder if I should start putting makeup on…after all, I am not getting any younger, and these past 6 years of pain have especially brought on some wrinkles around my eyes…maybe my husband would like it if I put some on…

But then I remembered how much I hate feeling the stuff on my skin and in my eyes. And the mess it makes in the bathroom (I have two little boys and Lord knows I don’t need MORE of a mess in the bathroom!). And how much extra time it would take (I don’t have enough time to get the things done that I really WANT to do every day). I would have to learn how to do it properly, and do I really want to invest the time in doing that?

The answer, for me, is a definite “No.”. Would it make me look more put together? Probably. Would it make me look more like other mamas. Yep. Might make me look more attractive. But it wouldn’t be me.

If having makeup or doing your hair nice or having the newest, most fashionable clothes makes you feel good, go for it mama! But just because it makes someone else feel good about themselves, and just because most women do it, doesn’t mean you need to. You are you. Just be you

Lots of love,


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