A few weeks ago I was going to write a blog encouraging any mamas with newborns that things will get easier...

After all, it seemed to be getting easier for me. My baby was going a little longer between feedings, taking naps on his own, letting other people hold him for more than a few minutes, and not waking up to party in the middle of the night (still waking to nurse several times, of course, but not waking up and staying up for a couple hours at a time). I was starting to catch up on housework. I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel…

And then, my baby started teething. Then he got his teeth through and started biting me. Then he actually drew blood… Now every time he nurses it feels like my nipple is on fire...

I know this too shall pass. He won’t be teething forever...but man, it is tough to go through!

It seems like life is a constant ebbing and flowing. Sometimes it’s a little easier, sometimes we go through a hard patch, but it never stops being challenging. And really, that is a good thing.

Because if we aren’t challenged, we won’t grow. Just like a muscle that is never exercised, we get weak and cannot do the things we need to do. Some of these challenges are really tough stuff. They seem impossible.

Its hard to believe that such small little bones can cause so much trouble!
But they are not. You can do this, mama! Whether you are dealing with teething or potty training or a sassy teenager or the loneliness of an empty nest, you can do this. You were made to do this!

But you weren’t meant to do it alone. Ask for help when you need it. Try to get alone time, or whatever you need to recharge. You CAN do this, mama!

Lots of LOVE, mama,


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