I'm STILL adjusting...

I'm still adjusting to motherhood...

Yes. It's true. I'm SIX YEARS into my mothering journey and I'm STILL adjusting.

My preteen daughters changing from little girls to little women is a huge adjustment. My son who is one and is always going through rapid changes. I'm still figuring things out as I go. I'm still adjusting and making changes to myself and my method of parenting along the way. 

It's not a one and done thing. Like I've just got this parenting thing down by now. I'm STILL learning to accept the things I can't change, remember it's a season, and value the monotony that creates stability for my children while still enjoy the little things.

I realized this over the Christmas Break as I was trying my darnest to make Christmas presents with the kids. I had things for all three of them to do and I fully intended to be in the midst of all the creating myself. I love to make things!

It lasted... Oh, five minutes, maybe before the baby was howling at my knees. Then when I gave him a new project (painting a picture frame) it lasted... Oh, about five minutes before he was painting himself and trying to steal his sister's paint at the same time.

I helped him finish up his painting project and with acrylic (not washable) paint all over his bare chest (I had the foresight to remove his shirt before he started painting, thank goodness) I hauled him off to the bathtub while my girls happily painted on.

I wanted to paint too! I wanted to make something or at the very least be there to watch them paint and create. Instead, I was in the bathroom with the baby scrubbing dried paint off his chest while he happily painted himself and the bath water as well.
Painting the bath bubbles

It's hard to accept the season sometimes. It's hard to give up things and make adjustments for where my kids currently are at. It's hard that things are always changing and I have to roll with the punches.

I sat in the bathroom and played with my baby, and tried to focus on the moment, but it was difficult because I felt really disappointment I didn't get to enjoy the creating with my kids. 

I'm still adjusting to having a little one and having my life change again in every way. It's difficult to accept those limitations. But when they come, I try to remember to rejoice in these little moments. In the fact that I did get to help my son paint and my daughters got to enjoy their project. That I'm mom and get to clean up messes and hold hands and give hugs. It's not easy but it's also SO WONDERFUL I could never put it into words. Enjoy it as best you can.

Much love,


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