Introducing the Newest Additon

I shared with you Friday about letting go of what I wanted to let my son have a giant stuffed teddy bear that brought him joy. (Read that blog HERE)

Right around the time of the "Bear Decision" I was going through another internal battle over letting my kids have something they want...

A dog.

Let, me start by saying, I didn't want a dog.

I have three growing children, two cats, a fish. I homeschool, blog, lead a moms prayer group, and run a tight ship! (That last one is half in jest). I don't need a dog! I have a toddler! I don't need another thing to potty train, say "no" to a million times, and redirect another million times per day. I just don't need it...

Then I got to thinking about my second daughter. Her Nana encouraged me that my daughter needed a cat. That that kind of companionship would be good for her. So, we got a cat (5 years ago now, I think). Her Nana had been so right! My daughter did need a cat! It wasn't just a cat, it was her friend and a very special part of the family.

Then my eldest wanted a fish... Again, I didn't want a fish, but it was her birthday, and I love my kid and want to make her dreams come true. I had said I wouldn't get one, but I did and she was delighted!

Now my son LOVES dogs! I mean LOOOOOVVVVEEESSS dogs! Besides "Mom" and "Dad" it's pretty much his favorite word. He sequels with glee when he sees any dog, any where and is even more delighted if he gets to say "hi" to said dog. I considered getting a Christmas Puppy for him but didn't find something right for our family. 

Christmas came and went and I felt like maybe I was off the hook. Then I thought back to our very first pet, the cat for my second daughter, and how that cat was her friend. How I had put aside what I wanted for my child and what an incredible blessing it had turned out to be.

My eldest had her fish, my second child her cat, why shouldn't our son get to have a dog as his friend and companion?

We looked and prayed for "the right dog" and three days ago we found our puppy at our local Animal Shelter. She had been picked up in California as a stray with a gaping wound on her neck (they thought an embedded collar but no one knows for sure), dehydrated, malnourished, and with hair loss on her legs. She was transported to Oregon, had surgery for her wound, and brought to our local shelter. We met her and fell in love.
Her neck is healing up nicely.

The next day we came back and picked up our puppy. She's perfect for our family. She's very affectionate and our son loves her (as well as our daughters of course). She's intelligent and eager to learn. She looks a little rough around the edges but she's just right for us. 

There's beauty in surrender, taking risk, and trying new things. Is there any thing you have been resisting that might actually turn out to be a blessing not a burden?

You are amazing Mama, keep up the good work!
Much love,


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