Just ONE!

I'm thinking back to my blog about Not Comparing to Social Media and TV and I need to keep my own advice in mind. 

I have dreams!

I work hard to pursue those dreams...

Then I compare with others who have seemingly attained that dream...

COMPARE being the key word there. 

I was praying this morning about this blog and you guys and my dream of reaching more. "If I only had one more Mom who was passionate about the blog who liked techy stuff who would tackle the social media side. We could reach more Moms!" I prayed with discontent. "Why? Why does it seem like I'm alone in this? Why can't I just find others who have the same dream. Just one more!"
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And God's still small voice, that I've grown to know so well, drifts into my mind, reminding me of what my previous request to Him was "Just one, God. If I just encourage one mom, that's enough." I thought of Lee, my fellow blogger here, and the beautiful blogs that go up. The blogs of hers I read, and that she reads mine, and we get to do this together. I have that other Mom on the Joy in the Journey team. 

"If I only reach one mom, it's worth it." And we have quite of few of you Mamma's joining along on this journey with us and it blesses my heart to no end! Just one. <3

Back to comparison.

I compare my numbers with other blogs I see and my impact looks like nothing. The encouragements seem like nothing. The blogs with the big flashy ads that make it hard to even read their content have hundreds of views and mine has ten. 

That YouTuber that has so few views still is in the hundreds and others in the millions and I compare.

I compare my impact. I compare my "success". I compare the fulfillment of my dreams on the numbers I see.

I went to God this morning with more of a complaint than a request. "Just one more" and He reminds me that I already have that. I'm already making a difference. Don't look to others, look at the fact that EACH ONE makes a difference. Each encouragement read COUNTS. Each person loved on and related to  here MATTERS.

Just one.

If you are reading today, know you make a difference! Know your time spent with you child matters, with your friend, maybe it's just getting out and smiling at one person today while walking by them. Some times our impact and our world feels small, don't compare! Know that even if your just touching one life, your making a difference, and I promise you, your touching more than one!

Much love,


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