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My kids have been giving me a run for my money lately.

A few weeks ago I had my first ever EMERGENCY 911 call ever when my one year old got a ring caught in his throat! He ended up vomited it out after much gagging, sputtering, and choking all while the dispatcher asked me a million seemingly unnecessary questions (he's completely okay now).

And NOW, my eldest daughter got her very first real injury! 

I let my kids roller skate very briefly on the skate park at the end of a family walk. My eldest was going down a hill, tried to turn, and ended up splay-legged smashing the inside of her right need hard on the ground. 

I had to support her weight and walk her back to the van because she couldn't walk by herself and extending her leg in any way was very painful for her.

We ended up at Urgent Care. She was examined and then got an x-ray. During the x-ray she had to stretch out her leg and that raised her pain level significantly, she had been very brave. 

As we sat in the little waiting room waiting for the results, my dear, nearly 12 year old daughter, began to cry. Big tears dripping down her cheeks, I went to hold her as best I could (she was in a wheel chair) and her tear ended up near my eye, masquerading as my own. I could've cried. My baby was hurting so bad and I couldn't fix it. What's worse is the more she cried, the more tense she became, and her leg began to seize up in pain and cause her more agony. It was awful!

Then all of a sudden a scene from the TV show Raising Hope came to mind. When the wife was stressed she call to her husband "Burt! Do my nose thing!" She would lean back into her husband's arms, close her eyes, and her husband would stroke her nose to calm her.

It's worth a shot, I thought.

So I asked my daughter if she wanted me to stroke her nose, something I've never done before. She said "yes". So I had her lean her head back on the back of wheelchair, she closed her eyes, and I stroked her nose. IT WORKED! Her focus now on the soft stroke of her nose and off her aching leg. She began to relax and mercifully the spasms that were causing a horrible cycle of more pain stopped as well. 

I continued stroking her nose till she was fully calm and fully relaxed. Her pain subsided. I knew I needed to stay even though it had been past the baby's nap time. I knew I couldn't leave my baby and that she might need me. I'm so grateful I got to be there for her. So grateful that God gave moms a special ability to comfort their babies, no matter how old they are.

Much love,


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