She Gave it All, Even Her Life

I was a young child when my family (of six) got our first dog. I remember that day all so clearly!

My dad took us four kids to a nearby town to pick up a puppy. A Heeler puppy from a farm with a yellow house. We drove up the long, dirt drive and went to the barn to see these cute speckled puppies. We picked a blue one and headed home to "surprise" my mom... Who was surprised because she hadn't been consulted first!

We loved having a dog! She was sweet, energetic, and smart. She grew into a medium-sized dog with blue spots and a dark snout. Her name was Blue Bella for Blue Beauty. 
When Blue Bella was grown we decided to breed her. We had her go to be bred and brought her home pregnant. We kids were SO excited! Puppies were coming! This was going to be amazing!

Our sweet Blue Bella gave birth to puppies (I can't remember how many but I know it was a lot). They were so little and their puppy squeaks and breath was the best! We enjoyed holding them and playing with them all the time.

It was all so exciting and special but then, one day, our Blue Bella was walking around like she was sick. She wasn't okay. She looked really weak. My mom called the veterinarian and they figured out that our dog was on the verge of death because she lacked the vitamins needed to stay alive!

She had been nursing those beautiful little puppies, giving them everything her body had, until she had nothing left for herself. Till her body was depleted and dying.

I remember that day as well. I remember the vet saying there was probably nothing we could do. I remember the hard talk my parents had about what to do. I remember my parents not wanting our dog to suffer. I remember waiting in my parents room as my dad went outside to put down our beloved dog.

I remember the tears and the sadness, she's a dog I'll never forget. I put flowers on her grave for years. Our Blue Bella, our first dog, was dead... but her puppies were not. They lived even though she didn't and we loved them all the more feeding them with bottles around the clock till they were old enough to eat solid food.
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I know as a mom myself I sometimes am begrudging of the reality that I am daily giving my life up for my children. That I am here, day in and day out, pouring myself out with little thanks or notice... but that's what we were meant to do! We were meant to give up our lives for our children. If we didn't, who else would??

My childhood dog was a beautiful example of the love and sacrifice a mother gives to carry, birth, and care for her children. We were created special in that we will give till we have nothing left if it means giving life to our children.

Mom, you deserve to be celebrated and rejoiced over! I just want you to know that you are making a world of difference. That your sacrifices makes your child's world go 'round and that your are doing an incredible work! Keep it up!

Much love,

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