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I'm a Mama of three children, ages 1 to 11. I homeschool so that takes up a lot of my mornings. I also lead a Women's Bible/Prayer Group once a week. Plus I have a lot I do each day with just the normal mom stuff of laundry, dishes, and house cleaning; along with parenting, teaching, consoling, encouraging, and disciplining it's a busy life even if it's a simple one. 

However, I think this is the first time in my entire life I've had NO regular evening activities. At the beginning of the year we signed up for a few that we just didn't end up sticking to and now we have none. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

What do I have without evening commitments such as soccer practice, kids night at church, small groups, and the like? I have simple, peaceful evenings. We might finish up school, go for a walk, or play in the back yard. We might watch a movie or play a game or maybe just chill all doing whatever we want. It's simple. It's peaceful. There's no fuss or rush and honestly, I really like it.

As I was making dinner tonight I thought about the fact that I really enjoy these simple evenings. I enjoy the things I have scheduled throughout my week and I really like that, for now, my evenings are free. I stirred the pot of spaghetti and added the different components to the sauce as my son sat on the counter trying to figure out how the can opener worked. My daughter set the table and the puppy walked around the kitchen looking for food. It was really nice.

I've noticed a great benefit for me having my evenings free. I absolutely know that this is NOT a reality for hardly anybody (and usually isn't for me either), but I encourage you just the same, to make sure some of your evenings are spent at home for the following benefits it can give your family.

-More meals together as a family which have proven benefits for kids and families

-Less stress for everyone when there's less running around here and there 

-More sleep, which for us results in a better school schedule and earlier, more productive mornings

-More family time. Being home in the evenings have led to a lot more family time when we're all around, my hubby included

These are just some of the benefits I've seen in my life.
How many weeknights do you have at home? I love to hear in the comments below.

Much love,


  1. We are also in a season of more time at home. I really enjoy it, we play board games more often and are better at getting our chores done


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