SOMETHING right...

Being a parent is such a tough job. I feel like I'm second guessing myself a lot. I feel like I'm failing a lot. A lot of the time, I don't feel like I'm strong enough to do this.

But then I get a little reminder moment.

This is one of those moments. 

I could look at this picture and see the Christmas mess that was still in my living room at the time, and feel guilty. I could notice the fact that my daughter's hair is in the same ponytail that she went to sleep with it in the night before, and feel guilty. I could feel guilty because I handed the baby off to my daughter as soon as she woke up so I could get some things done.

But you know what I see instead?

I see a girl who struggled for years to learn to read, and she is voluntarily reading to her little brothers. I see her kindly keeping them busy while I make breakfast and get some dishes done. I see her enjoying their company. 

And do you know why she is doing this?

It's because of ME. 

I'm the one who persevered through the difficult times of teaching her. I'm the one who has modeled childcare and kindness for her.

I'm not bragging, because I know you have done the same things for your babies. And it shows. It shows during these special moments.

You are doing a GOOD work, mama. Look for the little things that show you that you are doing SOMETHING right.

Much love,


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