The Battle Between Sacrifice and Self

How can you balance self care and motherhood?

Should you give up things for your family?

I've been wrestling with these questions a little lately.

I always wanted a family! However, that was never all I wanted. I always dreamed of being a mom growing up but but I had other dreams too. 

I wanted to be a famous Christian singer, I wanted to be a wonderful author, I wanted to be a photographer, artist, or dancer. I wanted to be something glamorous and exciting! I want to live an amazing life...

I've traveled places, tried new things, and lived overseas for a year as a missionary. I found out what I was truly passionate about: Kids. I loved kids more than anything! I realized out of all my dreams, I wanted a family most.

God graciously and rather miraculously gave me my daughter, and then I fell in love with my husband (their dad) after that (I should really tell you that story some time). God had granted me a family I never expected and that is absolutely a dream come true!

I've now been a mother for six years now. I've learned, I grown, and I've certainly changed. I've pursued dream and God has fulfilled them. I have this amazing, beautiful life...

But sometimes it doesn't feel like much. Sometimes it feels really empty of that glamour and excitement I dreamed of as a young adult. Sometimes it's not fun or happy or anything I want for my life...

We give so much up, becoming moms. We give up our very selves, bodies, and souls. We give our hearts and our whole world changes. We give and this is good and right. We were meant to give it all, to give life and comfort, hope and love to and for our children. We were meant to give our lives.

But how do I stay me? How do I not get swallowed up in providing for everyone else's needs that I am neglecting all of mine? How do I balance that line between giving myself for my kids and remaining me?

If you have the answer to that question, please tell me! I'm still thinking on it. I think it is so good to sacrifice but I think it's so important to take time for yourself! To take time alone to rest, take time with your partner to nurture that gift of relationship, and take time to do things you really love to do, even if your kids are at Grandma's or staying with Dad so you can do them. 

There is a balance. There are seasons. What I want you to never forget is: You matter! You are important! Not just what you do for your babies, but you, as a person, matter all on your own. You are loved, important, special, and oh so valuable. Take time for you even in the midst of giving yourself for your family.

Much love,


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