The BIG GIANT Teddy Bear

My son is nearly 1 and 1/2 and he adores dogs, cats, all animals, stuffed animals, people, games, and much more! He is full of life and learning and it's such a joy to watch!

The other day we were at the Thrift Store and my son saw this HUGE white teddy bear leaning against a shelf. He ran over to it and melted into its arms, looking up at me with a happy grin. He just came a light for that bear.

I thought about getting it. "Do we need it?" I asked my question that helps me not over spend. "No, we don't" I decided. We didn't need a giant white bear taking up space. We didn't need a huge teddy bear to be another toy that had to be picked up. We just didn't need it...

We moved on from the bear but I still considered it, until someone else scooped it up and bought it. Decision made, I guess. No bear.

The very next week we were back and ANOTHER giant bear was hanging around the Thrift Store. Again, my son ran to it and fell into its soft, squooshy bear arms. Again, I thought about it and decided "No, I don't want that around the house" and we left without getting it.

Not long after, I was thinking again about the giant stuffed bear. About other things my kids have wanted, that I have not, and that I have sacrificed to give them those things and experiences that bring them joy. This was no different, I realized.

So what, I'll have a giant bear hanging around the house. If that's something that brings comfort and joy to my son, WHY NOT? It's not like it'll be forever that my son enjoys a huge teddy bear. He's only little once and this is a special time.

Not long after, we went back to Thrift Store and AGAIN there was a bear (is God trying to tell me something? LOL) This one was less pretty than the first one. It was a Giant Valentine's Bear with a pillow that said "I love you" and a big red bow. My son fell into its arms and all that faded away.

We bought the bear. Removed it's added decoration, washed him, and my daughters named him Smokey. :)

Sometimes it's good to let go of our preconceived ideas and wants, let go a little, and enjoy the ride. For me, that meant letting my son get a BIG GIANT Teddy Bear. 

Much love,


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