I probably should be doing the dishes right now. But I’m not.

My kids should probably be doing their evening chores and getting ready for bed, but instead we are relaxing to a movie.

And that’s OK. Actually it’s probably really good.

When I first got my hernia, my surgeon told me that professional athletes get them quite often. It made me laugh because I am in no way the body shape of a professional athlete. However, my surgeon considered a busy mom of four who waitressed part time pretty much the same thing as a professional athlete.

And he is right.

We mamas work our body to the limit. Everything, every part of us, is tested to the limit. And you know what? Just like a professional athlete, we need to give ourselves rest! Ask any athlete and they will tell you that rest is a very important part of their training. Just as important as the time that is spent building their muscles.

You need your rest, mama!

Don't feel guilty about it. Your job is 24/7, and you DESERVE a break every once-in-a-while. You NEED it.

Lots of love,


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