When You Don't Like Your Kid...

I was talking to a fellow preteen mom today.

She was sharing some of the struggles she and her husband were going through. No details but I could hear her heart was aching and she was feeling at a loss for direction in parenting her child all the same.

This preteen stage is hard! Add on any other struggles on top of that and some times it's just NOT FUN. There's been phases with my preteens where they were doing pretty much everything they weren't supposed to and I didn't enjoy parenting or my child hardly at all.
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Enters MOM GUILT. Right? 

But here's the thing. EVERY STAGE has it's ups and downs. Every stage has it's pros and cons and yes, there are phases where you just don't enjoy you kid very much.

I leaned over to my fellow preteen mama and gave her the little advice I could.

"It's not your fault you kid is acting this way. He is going through changes and challenges of his own. Just be there for him and be consistent in discipline and love."

A look a relief passed over her. 

"Also, what I find helps me the most is when I really am not enjoying my kid, I find something to enjoy with them! Pick the easiest thing. Pick something you won't argue or bicker over and something that you both enjoy. When you don't enjoy your kid, find something to do fun with them."

As the encouragement and the "your not alone" message flowed from her ears to her heart a look of hope and understanding came to her face. It was beautiful. It was wonderful.

We're all in this together moms! We need to hear from each other. We need to take time to spend time sharing our ups and downs with each other. Motherhood is a wild, difficult, and beautiful ride. Let's do it together!

Share your best advice for when your in a difficult phase below. I'd love to hear them!

Much love,


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