At What Sacrifice?

Some women are amazing at keeping their house together. I'm not that kind of girl...

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I video chat with a friend quite often, and I must say, she is a stellar house keeper (kudos, my friend!). The fact that she is minimalist helps a lot, I'm sure, and she has sent me a video of a messy kitchen before, but most of the time she is really good at keeping things in tip-top shape. My mother-in-law is like that. But me? Well, let's just say that my hubby did not marry his mother...

It's not that I'm a slob or lazy. The first thing I did when my hubby and I became friends was help him clean his very bachelor apartment (he had science experiments growing in dirty dishes all over the place and in many rooms there were just trails through his stuff, haha!). I did not marry a neat freak. 

I think I am somewhere in the middle. I feel like I am very good about doing my daily chores and making my kids do their chores, but not so much that we sacrifice having fun times, too. I know I've talked about housework before, and so has Mrs Joy, but I feel like our home and housework is something we deal with every day so its worth a revisit.

My friend is a great housekeeper, but she doesn't let it consume her. She makes sure that she and her kids get out and have fun adventures quite often. That is how it should me. 

Don't let it steal your joy, mama. If the house isn't perfect, you can still be happy. And don't let keeping the house clean be your main goal in life. Don't let it steal all your time for having fun. There is a balance. Sometimes we have days that are more fun and less housework, some days are more housework and less fun, but lets make sure we make room for both days. 

This may look like a very messy room, but it is actually Prince Eric's ship and they are going on an adventure (which The Little Mermaid soundtrack playing in the background.
Life is too short to spend it stressing over dirty dishes and laundry, mama.

Lots if love,


  1. I don't have kids around anymore but my house isn't clean. That's because I would rather be outside ect. I think it's also from years of non stop house work.

    1. Makes sense to me! As my Opa says, in 100 years no one will know the difference anyway


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