Brain Dump! (A How-To)

Have you had those moments were your brain in so full you don't even know what your thinking? Or when your feeling three things at the same time but are not sure where those feelings are coming from?

I get that way. I get overwhelmed with thoughts, plans, concerns, decisions, and feelings! I was feeling this way just the other day. My brain had been flooded with information, pressure, and thoughts that day. At bedtime I knew I couldn't go to sleep yet.

I needed to write. I needed to brain dump!
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I got out my journal and started to unload the piles of thoughts that had been churning around in my brain all day. I identified three main things I was feeling and then wrote out thoughts on each. After several pages of putting my thoughts down on paper, I felt lighter. I could see why I felt overwhelmed. I understood where my feelings were coming from and it helped so much!

I wanted to share with you Mamas, how I do my Brain Dumps in case it might help give you a new tool when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or sad. 

1. Get some paper and a pencil. 

I use my journal at times and other times a notepad where I can later just tear out the paper and throw it away after I'm done with it.

2. Write down ANY and EVERYTHING that is filling up your head.

I often do this bullet-point style with a dash followed by the thought. I often come up with long lists of all the thoughts running around my head. That or I journal my thoughts out, conversation-style.

Imagine Credit:
This is a good example list (way prettier than mine).

3.  Categorize your list into "Do Something About" and "Let Go Of" (This is the MOST important part of the process)

Now, this is where things get real. Your thought could be "The house is a mess" or could be as deep as "I feel insecure when my husband does..." Whatever it is, take each item, one by one and decide whether it's a "Let Go Of" item or a "Do Something About It" item.

4. Take Action!

For the "Let Go Of" items I choose to mentally release them, they are not my responsibility and I shouldn't be wasting time and energy brooding over something that's not mine to bare.

As for the "Do Something About It" category, it's time to find some solutions. Go through the list and write a solution (or two) down for every item you think it would help to take action on.

"The house is messy" could be a simple solution like doing a 30 minute pick up and your space would feel more peaceful. However, there is often lots of not so simple thoughts on my list. The insecurity could mean talking to my loved one or could, for me, mean bringing that before God and knowing my security ultimately comes from him.

5. Take a deep breath.

Remember that we all get overwhelmed. You are not alone. It's normal to feel in over your head at times. Take some time. Try this method of Brain Dumping on paper and see if it helps. It always helps me tremendously!!

Much love,


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