Dear mama, it’s worth it...

Do you like playing games?

I love board games. I’m not very competitive, I don’t really care if I win, I just love spending time with someone and playing games. I find it relaxing and fun.

Have you ever played Monopoly Junior with a little one who just turned four years old? It’s not the most relaxing thing. It’s actually a lot of work. You have to remind him when it’s his turn. Then you monitor to make sure that he does the right thing on his turn. You have to help him count...

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Don’t get me wrong, it is still quality time spent with your kid and it is still fun, but getting through a game can be tough because his attention span is only so long. By the end of the game you are pretty much playing for both of you. The end of the game and the cleanup are kind of a relief. 

However, it is worth the effort. I know this from experience. Because each time you play with them, they learn. Not only do they learn the skills of the game, but they also learn patience and perseverance. 

Fast forward to when that child is just-turned-eleven. Because of the time you invested in teaching her to play when she was little, you have a very fun game. On days when my pain is limiting my activity, I ask my big girl if she wants to play and it’s on. I may have to give her a few hints, but gets the concept of most games and it's not a ton of work for me. She even beats me sometimes! Whoever wins, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a great time for bonding.

I just wanna encourage your mama, whatever you were working on with your little one, it is worth it! Whether it’s potty training or teaching them to tie their shoes or helping them figure out a new aspect of math, it’s worth it! Because it won’t always require so much effort. It won’t always be so hard. They will master it and you will be so proud of them for doing it. And I am so proud of you for not giving up!

Keep keeping on, mama!



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