Finding a Little Joy

I've been sharing a lot with you lately about the struggles, parent burnout, and the sacrifice side of parenting. All the things I have been wading through lately.

As I searched for answers to questions like "How do I stay me while giving myself to my kids?" and "How do I simply stay sane in some of the difficult phase?" I was looking for a little joy, a little encouragement, a little something, anything.

Self care.

We've talked about it many times because it's just so important. I feel like I do a pretty good job taking care of myself in general. However, when things are particularly difficult I find that instead of getting away and enjoying something, I tend to stay and battle even more when I'm already exhausted and done. 

I went out. I went out with a good friend and fellow Mama. It was wonderful! I had to leave the baby, who wasn't feeling well, but he was with daddy and I knew he'd be okay. My friend and I went to dinner and talked for nearly four hours! It was heavenly and we both had so much fun. Self care.

Another thing I did to chase after that joy a little more was what I say on repeat here: Get out of the house. I needed more than just a slow walk with kids and the dog, I needed a challenge. For two weeks in a row we went out and hiked up steep hills, dog and kids in toe. Challenging my body and my mental endurance helps me. It makes me feel strong and alive. It brings me joy.

Health. I've been challenging myself to be more healthy. Being more intentional about my choices and how they benefit my overall well being. It's always a journey when trying to be healthier but I feel joy that I'm striving in the right direction.

Sunshine! Now, I've talked about how I struggle with seasonsal depression and I have no control over the weather but, it's been sunny here! My kids and I have hung out in the backyard to do school, we've walked to church, anything to soak up the sunshine.

We have lots of up and downs Mamas, don't forget to take care of yourself. Strive forward and make some time to do something that encourages and brings you joy. You are loved!

Much love,


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