Friendships that INSPIRE!

I don't know about you, but I have found motherhood to be the most challenging stage to invest in friendships. We're all so busy! We have so much to do! We feel so much pressure and have such large responsibilities with a young family. Hang out time is not in an abundance anymore!

We talk about over and over that WE ARE NOT MEANT TO DO THIS ALONE! Not only are we not meant to, but there is so much more joy and life and encouragement in joining together with other moms, spending times with friends, and know you are not alone in this!
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Friends are inspiring!

For me the internet can give me good ideas but it's not inspiring. Seeing what others are doing doesn't motivate me to action, but friendships do. Friends that I actually talk to and share real life make me want to try new things and grow more.

I have a friend in Alaska (who was my leader on my first mission trip) who I talk to over Marco Polo. We have talked about marriage, kids, homseschool, you name it. As we talked she would often share about having dinner with so and so. Having people over for dinner was very intimidating to me in the past, but I was inspired. So last year, I got out of my comfort zone and started having people over for dinner and it was wonderful!

I have another friend, who is a beautiful mom of many, who has inspired me to be more brave about making friends. We first saw each other when we were dropping our kids off at VBS last summer. Then we ran into each other at Marshall's the same morning and talked for nearly an hour! She said "I have a feeling we should be friends. What's your phone number?" and so it all started.

Another dear friend of mine has inspired me to have more fun with other moms. She's part of MOPS and she's often going out on Mom's Nights. It inspired me to leave the kids a little bit more often and go hang out with another mom friend of mine.

People are inspiring! Motherhood is meant to be done together. Finding, making, and investing friendships in this season can be challenging, but so worth while!! I encourage you to go out with a friend without the kids, join a moms group or start one of your own. Do what it takes to make some time for other moms who probably need some time away as much as you do.

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