In the Leopard-Print High-Heeled Booties

We had just come back from a day trip (which is quite the feat with our little tough traveler who only is happy in the car for a short time).

I waited till the kids (minus the baby whose sleep schedule was wacked) were in bed before I "Ran to the store to grab popcorn" which is usually our nightly treat.

As I headed out the door my hubby said "I know you need a break, but I hope you are not gone for too long." 

I retorted with "I don't need a break. I just wanted some popcorn and there's something else I needed to pick up for awhile." I said goodbye, and headed to the van...

As I hopped into the van I realized he was right. I did need a break. It's been two weeks of sleep strike and then my poor kid was full-blown sick and couldn't sleep at night hardly at all. I did need a break. I was EXHAUSTED!!!!!

I prayed a little during my drive into town. Then talked to a friend over Marco Polo while sitting in the parking lot at Marshall's, my first stop before getting popcorn. I was tired! I often just rest in the van when I take a mom break but I did wanted to grab a few things this time. 

I went inside, grabbed a cart, and sauntered towards the boot and shoe isle, one of my all time favorite fun things to look at. I was just there to have fun so I picked up some very high-heeled booties in LEOPARD PRINT! A pattern that has never been in my wardrobe but I kind of have a secret liking for.

Hardly anyone was in there store, it was nearly nine at night. I grabbed the boots, sat down, and pulled them on. I stood up and looked in the mirror. They looked good!!!! I looked GOOD! 

I walked around, tried on more leopard print shoes all in similar styles: heels, but I ended up coming back to the first. I put them back on, stood up, and looked in that mirror.

I felt like a younger version of myself (when I wore heels and didn't have kids). I felt like if I just matched these glamorous shoes with a equally awesome outfit that I would feel bolder, braver, a powerhouse... 

Then I caught myself. Is it true? Would I really feel better walking around in these gorgeous shoes! Would I really be less tired or worn out when my kid isn't sleeping at night? Would I really be less discouraged when my daughter is struggling emotionally? Will I really feel better?


No, I wouldn't. I think it's important to feel pretty and confident (and comfortable) in your clothes BUT would putting on some leopard print high heels really help me?


Then, I visualized what it would be really like to get all dressed up in those shoes and do anything that my normal, daily life consists of: Doing laundry, carrying a baby, herding my children in a public place, doing school, going on a walk. What would that feel like?

To be honest, I would feel awkward, silly, and DEFINITELY uncomfortable.

I put back on my flat, cute but practical, gray boots and looked at myself in the mirror. Yes, I looked Mommish. Yes, I'm squooshier around the middle then I used to be. Yes, I look a little tired, but I'm beautiful anyway. I'm strong and attractive and I feel comfortable and capable in my own clothes, in my own boots. I can do this! 

Mamas, don't believe the lie that if we just had... Fill in the black, that we'd be ready to take on the world. We are strong enough, brave enough, and beautiful enough RIGHT WHERE WE ARE AT!

Much love!


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