In Time, When the Season Ends

"It's a season"
"Treasure the moments"
"This too shall pass"
"They're only little for a little while"

Sound familiar? If you've been apart of the Joy in the Journey family you've heard us speak these truths over you again and again.

Well, I had the reality of all of those sayings happen! I've mentioned (complained) over and over about my baby hating the car.

"Oh, he'll get used to it" I've heard. "Just let him cry" was another piece of advice but regardless my baby just HATED the car from the time he was a little, tiny baby. He would scream inconsolably at times. Other times he'd make it for ten minutes before melting, as he's got older that "done" time has increased (thank the Lord!) but he still doesn't like the car.

My son is now one and a half and though he sometimes tolerates the car quite well now, it's still very stressful to travel any length with our little boy.

So here's the miracle. The season is ending! We attempted a trip to the coast, an hour and a half drive away! We prayed up the trip and our boy, packed a Busy Bag full of toys, and timed everything as well as we possibly could.

We had the MOST amazing, "normal" (what normal used to be before baby) trip we have ever had since our son was born. We made good time on the drive, we didn't have to stop often, and we made it to both the locations we wanted to! Then on the way home he slept! It was truly a gift from God.
Proof! :D

Our season of not getting to travel pretty much at all has come to a close. (YAAAAYYY!) We get to go a little further and do a little more again. I'm super grateful.

They're only little for a little while. This to shall pass. It's only for a time. It's a season Mamas and you are doing an amazing job!!!

Much love,

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