My Uninhibited Self

Is there parts of yourself you feel less eager to share? Is there things about your personality you try to keep quiet till you really get to know someone?

Everyone feels differently about how much of themselves they share with a stranger, a friend, or a family member. We all have different levels of comfort in different situations.

Recently, I was processing some relationships that have left some depth to be desired. As I looked at a few different relationship I tried to evaluate what made some deep, meaningful, and fulfilling, and some more surface level. I know that I'm the common denominator in all my relationship, *wink*, so I always like to see if I'm the problem, since I can only change me anyway.

As I asked this question to myself I had different answers based on which relationship I was asking the question for, but I discovered something along the way.

I inhibit myself. 
I get in my own way.

Yes, there's relationships that are just not going to be as deep or close as others, but what I found out was I hold back speaking, regardless of to who, if I don't feel like I have just the right words to say. I don't share silly stories in line at the grocery store when I would like to. And yes, I do hold back for fear of what people I care about think of me from time to time as well.

I'm the biggest thing holding me back.

I resolved to be more free, be more me, be less caution and fearful of making any wrong move. I chose to be UNASHAMEDLY ME. Now, that does not mean I'm going to go around opening my mouth if I have nothing good to say, but I'm going to choose to hold back less of just the silly, weird, goofy, and fun me. 
Photo Credit: Brooke G.

I went out about town today and was myself. I danced in the thrift store, helped my baby say "hi" to a fellow little kid in the store, talked to a clerk about a local upcoming event, and talked freely with the man at the bookstore. Unashamedly me. I'm friendly, I like talking to people, and I want to stop being afraid of saying something stupid and just be real instead.

Do any of you struggle with inhibiting yourself? How do you combat the fear of rejection or failure? Is there an area of your life you'd like to stop holding back, live, and love a little more? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

As always,
Much love,


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