Parent Burnout!!

My kids have been driving me CRAZY! My daughters have been driving each other crazy. The dog has been stressing them out. The baby has been teething and back and forth with sleep for what feels like an eternity by now. The kids are driving my husband crazy! 

Parent Burnout.
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It ain't pretty.

Parent burn out feels like deep bone exhaustion that isn't getting any better with sleep. It feels like a heavy weight of mom guilt because you want to escape or hide from your children.  It feels like nails on a chalkboard to hear one more whining request, dramatic fight, or bickering session. It's stressful, miserable, and it makes parenting feel like a sad place I'm trapped instead of a honor I get to have.

Parent Burnout. My husband and I both admitted to it just today. I have to admit I felt relieved that my husband felt it too, not that I wanted him to, but that he understood how much the kids have been tearing at my every thread of patience. 

This is from an article I found:
It’s not accidental that burnout makes us think of a depleted battery. When we’ve burned through all of our emotional fuel, there’s no more left. We all know the “supposed to-s” and the “should-s”. Parents are “supposed to” love the act of parenting so much, it recharges them on its own. Parents “shouldn’t” mind being woken up at 2AM, coming late to work, being passed over for promotion because of split priorities, or being the target of teenage angst.

I'm feeling it. I really am, and the load of mom guilt that dumps right after the feeling of angst and exhaustion always comes.

So what's the solution?

What do we do when we are at the end of what we have to give? When we feel empty? Lost? 

I loved this quote from same article as above: "Self-care IS Child-care". We need to take care of ourselves or we don't have anything to give to our kids. We need to take time for ourselves, time to rest, time with our spouse, or partner, or friend. We need time to devote to something unkid related activity that we are passionate about. We need to stop plowing ahead when we're hurting and need help. We need to ask for help, take time for ourselves, and find solutions that work for ourselves and our family. 

Know you are not alone if your struggling with parent burnout. Know you are a great mom and it can happen to any of us. We give so much but some times we just need to take some time to give back to ourselves.

PLEASE SHARE so other moms know they are not alone if feeling this way!

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