Riding the Struggle Bus & A Powerful Word

I'm riding the Struggle Bus.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. The baby has been fussy a lot and as I've struggled to get things done while I have a little one screaming and pulling at me.

I feel like the mom from Mom's Night Out "I just want to sit down to a nice meal with out little people CLAWING ALL OVER ME!"

Then there's my preteens...


My oldest is doing pretty good. She has days were she's pretty mad about everything Dad and I do and we get a lot of "Your not LISTENING to me!" If we disagree with anything she wants or says... But she's doing pretty good over all.

It's my second child... Who has just hit the full on slot of hormones and changes that went from feisty but fun, to down right MAD about nearly everything in life.

I'm struggling. 

I'm struggling to enjoy motherhood. I'm struggling to keep heart. I'm struggling with having anything left to give after I deal with difficult behaviors and a fussy baby all day. I'm STRUGGLING.

My Aunt came over. We had a little party, made cookies and had hot cocoa. Then the girls started painting and my aunt and I just talked for awhile before joining in. I got to paint a little while the baby was painting as well, then I just had to take care of him, while he fussed and yelled at me for an hour while everyone else got to still have fun...

But as my Aunt left she said this:

"Your a great Mom.
I admire you."

*tears in my eyes*

Isn't that sweet!

I was tired, frustrated, worn, and feeling bad for not having more to give in that moment and I get a "You are a great Mom!" What better praise? "I admire you." <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Mama, YOU are a great Mom! And I know if I could see you walking through your daily struggles I would say how much I admire you. How proud I am of the loving mother you are. We're not perfect. It is HARD! But... You are a great Mom!

Please share this message with a mom today or just text your mom friends "You are a great mom!"

Much love,


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