1st Anniversary!! :)

Hello to you dear, wonderful Mama that is reading this.

Thank you SO MUCH for being here! Thank you so much for sharing in this motherhood journey with us. Thank you so much for being the mom you are!

Yesterday, marked Joy in the Journey's ONE YEAR Blogiversary. :D It's been one whole year of writing posts, sharing our lives, and connecting with you in this wild ride of motherhood.

I have to say I feel INCREDIBLY honored to be able to share pieces of my life with you. I'm INCREDIBLY grateful for each one of you who reads, shares, and applies some of our thoughts and encouragement to your lives.

I'm so grateful to be here. This small little community of Joy in the Journey is truly a dream come true for me. I've always loved to write, I take great joy in being able to encourage, and I'm so thankful to get to give a little back to you.

I wanted to look back with you today, on the beginning of this blog. I was in the middle of my Mom Life Crisis when I thought of starting this blog and I really needed encouragement. I needed connection. I need words of truth spoken to me in my time of difficulty... So, as I struggle, I thought of the other moms feeling lonely, isolated, and alone in this journey. The other moms who needed some encouragement in the every day of motherhood, just like me. I thought of YOU and I began to write:

"I woke up this morning, my seven-month-old cuddled up, sweating, at my side. The blankets warm and our body heat even warmer. I woke him up, fed him. Asked my sweet nine-year-old to "babysit" (to which she did gladly) and I grabbed some coffee, downed a glass of water, and crawled back to bed and my Bible to start the day." (Read that very first blog HERE)

Just a few days lately, Lee joined the Joy in the Journey team with The Gimmie's Trap and one of my favorites Growing Pains. We began switching off every other day and our teamwork helped fuel us through the times that were hard. The times I wanted to give up. The times I felt like I wasn't really making a difference. The times I felt so frustrated that I wasn't reaching very many people...

I committed to ONE YEAR and we've made it!

We have a small community here but small doesn't mean of small importance. We may reach just a few but EACH AND EVERY ONE of you is so important and is such a treasure and I'm so grateful if we can fuel and encourage you in even a small way in your motherhood journey.

To each and every one of you THANK YOU! Thank you for being here. I hope there's many more years to come and lots of more Mamas to love on and encourage.

Much love!

If you'd like to read more of our very first blogs CLICK HERE as well as the WHY I have a passion for encouraging moms CLICK HERE.


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