3-Day Potty Training, Success or Fail?!

We took advantage of the encouragement to stay home and social distance this past weekend, to do the 3-Day Potty Training Method.

Our son is 20 months old. We have done some potty training already. At 16 months he was consistently going on the little potty when put there (we tried a Elimination Communication type approach to that). Then he started resisting and fighting being on the potty and we decided to give it a break.

Recently, we started noticing signs that our son might be ready to potty train:

-Letting us know when he was poopy
-Hiding to go poo in his diaper
-Holding his pee through nap time or even longer

We decided to hunker down and stay home for the weekend and go for it. We bought little undies, a toilet seat to go over the big potty, and a stool. 

Now, I was expecting lots of accidents, but by early morning I was cleaning HUGE turds and splattered pee up all over my floor. DISGUSTING! There was A LOT of accidents in that first few hours and by afternoon a few successful pees on the potty. Overall, I thought a successful day.

We went from a multitude of accidents on Day 1 to only THREE in the morning time. He went on the potty several times and we tried to pump him full of juice so he'd have plenty to pee out. In the evening, we saw the first breakthrough moment when our son went to the potty by his own choice because he had the urge. That was a pretty awesome moment!

Unfortunately, Day 3 was pretty much the same at Day 2. He had one time of telling us he was needing to go potty, several pees on the potty, and the rest accidents.

DAY 4 & 5
These are the days everything went downhill. We had already exceeded our three days of basic training, which I judged as fairly successful. However, on Monday, Day 4, my husband went back to work and it was the kids and I. My daughters helped with having their brother sit on the potty and we ran into the very same problem as we had at 16 months. He was being put on the potty too often and being forced to stay there longer than he wanted and he grew resistant. We went from going on the potty with accidents in between to full on potty refusal and crying and fighting.

I was still planning to give it a full week, these things take time, but I caved on Day 5. I was feeling sick, fatigued, and anxious over the current state of affairs in our world. The baby peed all over the floor (right after being taken to the potty) and the dog walked through it and spread it around... I put baby in a diaper and tried again after we came back from our walk. After getting home, I had him sit on the potty, he immediately got up. I sat him down again with bribery, then he stood up and peed all over me!

We'll give it a few more months and work on him becoming more friendly with the potty in the meantime.

Was it a total fail? I don't think so. We gave it our best shot, we saw where our son was at, and we made adjustments accordingly. In my book I'm going to count that as a success.

Remember Mamas, you know your baby best. Listen, try, and learn along the way. You are doing a great job!

Much love,


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