A Night Out


I just had a night out.

*Happy contented smile*

Just me and my hubby out to dinner. My aunt graciously babysat our three hooligans (they had a ton of fun together) and we got to have some time to ourselves.

We took the long way to town, by way of a senic contry road. We looked at craftsman sytle homes, big porches, and open fields, cows and calves in the pastures as we drove by.

We stopped and listened to the birds and looked at the sunset (I wish I'd taken a picture for you, it was beautiful). Then, we drove into town for dinner. We went to our usual place for even though I was feeling adventurous and willing to go some where new.

I'm glad we went to our usual spot. With soft lighting and live music, it was perfect. We sat and listened to the music while we waited for a seat, my head bobbing along with the tune.

Photo Credit: tripadvisor.com

We sat, got a few drinks, and then I agonized over what to eat (I have food intolerances which make ordering at restaurants pretty tricky). I finally settled on salmon and wild rice. 

We people watched, talked, laughed and smiled. We ate our delicious food and chatted some more.

It was SO nice. Soul-deep-smile nice. Just such a gift to get some time to just be myself, no responsibilities to tend to, no jobs to do, no little ones to look after, just for a little while. 

After we finished our meal, we walked around the block before getting in my husband's truck and driving slowly home. 

You know what marks a REALLY GOOD night out? Wanting to go home and see my babies. <3 That means I got the break I needed, a little rejuvenation, and I'm ready to head back into the wonderful, yet challenging world of taking care of my little ones.

I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's so nice to get a break.

Have you had a break lately, Mama? Do you have someone who could babysit for you so you could have a night out? If you do, I'd greatly encourage you to do it! Enjoy some time.

Much love,


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