A Safe Place

Hey mama, you have a super power. Know what it is? You are a SAFE PLACE.

Why does your baby only want you when he's sleepy? Why does your toddler run to you when they scrape their knee? Why does your pre-teen explode all their emotions out when with you? Why does your adult daughter call you to talk about all her frustrations?

You are a SAFE PLACE. 

You are kind of a big deal.

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Its kind of hard to be the safe place, though, isn't it? 

Its pretty freaking exhausting. Its a lot to carry.

But its also a privilege. 

You may not want to have to bear the brunt of all their emotions when they come to you for release, but you do want them to communicate well with you. And this is a start.

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So remember, mama, when you are up with the fussy baby who only wants you, when you get the yelling and stomping, when you have to force yourself to handle it, that you have earned this. You are the SAFE PLACE because you have shown yourself to be loving and trustworthy. You should be proud of yourself. You are a big deal.

Keep on keeping on, mamas.



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