Coping in CHAOS!

So, I was going to share with you about our 3-Day Potty Training experience today (which I haven't yet decided is a success or to throw in the towel and try again later). However, with the state of the world right now I wanted to share with you something else.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much FREAKED OUT by this point! Here in Oregon, we have are on Lockdown. All non-essential businesses closed, no meetings with anyone allowed, full on lock down. I'm scared. I really am. I don't want to be, but it's scary. Normal life changes are hard enough to adjust to but the entire WORLD being turned upside down... It's a lot to process.

So as I'm freaked out scared, I wanted to share some tips (that I, myself will and am going to be putting into practice) to help you cope during this time of fear and uncertainty.

#1 If your someone who prays, PRAY! 
I would encourage you to use the model of Philippians 4:6: "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done." Now, whether you are a praying Mama or not, the part about "giving thanks" is a great tool in the midst of the storm. Gratitude pulls our focus away from the hardships and to the current beauty that still exists.

#2 Create time and space to NOT dwell on the current circumstance. 
I'm finding this one particularly difficult and particularly IMPORTANT. When I am constantly looking at the rise in numbers of those infected with COVID-19 and the deaths associated with it, I am NOT at peace. I am not happy and I'm full of fear. Now, I'm not burying my head in the sand, but on the other hand, there has to be some boundaries so that my mind's focus is not constantly in a negative place. 
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#3 Keep as much normal as possible. 
Now, for a lot of us EVERYTHING is different right now, but I want to challenge you to find something that still exists in your normal daily routine and enjoy it. For us, it's homeschool. It's "Spring Break" right now and we are choosing to do school (plus some extra fun stuff) because it is one of our normals that we can continue to do during this time of change.

#4 If you are able, get outside every day. 
It was cloudy today and we did get rained on a little bit, but we took our normal walk with my hubby and our dog and it was really nice.

#5 Love on and encourage others!
I find this a little difficult when we are all separate from one another but we can all find ways to reach out and love on each other in some way. Send a text, make a phone call, write a letter. There's always ways to love on each other.

Mama, I hope you and your family are safe and well! Know that we, here at Joy in the Journey, are thinking about you all. 

Much love,


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