Crazy Baby...

This baby is driving me nuts!

I feel awful saying it, but it's really true.

If I move or try to lay him down, he will most likely wake up.
This kid has not had it easy. It took me a while to discover that wheat doesn't agree with him (upset tummy and diaper rash), and sometimes I give into the temptation and have wheat anyway. Then we both feel awful (I emotionally, he physically). He broke his first two teeth through before he turned five months old, then he got a cold. Then his mama had surgery, so he was mainly be taken care of other people (people who love him to pieces, of course, but not mama). Then we went through a nursing strike (I had an oversupply, definitely a first for me!). Then we all got the flu. He's also the first infant I've ever taken to the ER.

So you can't blame the guy for being a little grouchy. We've really only had glimpses of "normal" days. But my goodness, I am getting worn out!

He's somewhat content in the pack, but it hurts for me to have him there for too long...
I know he can't help it. He's just having a tough time. I know it will pass. I know he wont always be this needy. But mama, it is still hard to go through! Not to mention I have the postpartum hormones working through my veins right now.

Right now, my mantra is "Better to have a fussy baby than no baby at all." And I'm sticking to it. 

I am so thankful to have this baby!

I'm thankful to have the giggles and the smiles when they come. I'm thankful for the way he just melts right into me when I hold him up against my shoulder. And he has started patting my shoulder with his little hand, which is so precious! I'm thankful for the sheer delight he feels when nursing. 

It's crazy, because he is SO much work, but I am CRAZY about this baby. 

I know you feel the same about your babies, mamas. I just want to encourage you to think about all the positives, all the LOVE, when you are having a hard time. 

They really are worth it.

He's actually sleeping in his own bed. Nobody sneeze! 

God bless you, mamas!


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