Frustration in the Waiting

Lee shared recently about seeking a diagnosis for her son, who she believes has OCD. How hard it is to see your kid struggle and accepting and knowing God is in control.

I found myself very frustrated and discouraged today. I'm seeking to get my eldest daughter testing for Learning Disabilities but the process is taking a long time. My daughter has always struggled with school, language, and reading and despite all the progress I see, she still does. I want to have a diagnosis so I can help her get the skills she needs to be successful and thrive even more as she grows up. 

Homeschooling has been so good for my daughter and her learning struggles. The one-on-one teaching has helped  her progress further than she was ever able to do in a classroom setting. Having a quiet space to do school has also helped her so much be able to learn and grow academically.

But she struggles. There's things that she just doesn't get and explaining them doesn't change that. 

I was working with her today and we got stuck on one of these tough spots for her, one of these struggle points. She was at a loss and started fidgeting as she grasped to find the correct answer to my question, even though she didn't know it. I felt frustrated because I'd just explained it all to her and even nearly gave her the answer to the question...

I was frustrated but I was even more upset that I didn't have the tools to know whether this was a point to push her or to move on to the next lesson and skip it. Each step of her academics I have always had to "push" her a long... but I also can recall so many times that I pushed too much and I now realize she truly didn't understand!

Are you in a waiting period of some kind? How do you stay patient with the process when your working towards your goals? I'd love to hear any of your suggestions.

Much love,


  1. Something that really helps me is remembering that even if they don’t get it right away, each time you are teaching and explaining it to them, you’re laying part of the foundation. I think about how many times Jesus said the same things over and over again and his disciples still didn’t get it for a long while. Praying you will get your diagnosis soon!


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