Got Joy?

I was watching a YouTuber recently that has gone on a journey of intentional living. She's been looking at her life and choosing the things in her life carefully and with specific intention.

Elle Lindquist is her name. 

I recently clicked on a video and briefly watched only a small portion of it. She was sculpting out of clay! As part of her MORNING ROUTINE. I was shocked, surprised, and inspired. 

Yesterday, I had to get out. I needed a mom break, some time to myself. I grabbed a book, like I normally do, and my sketch journal, which I never bring on mom breaks. I knew I was going to grab some food and a coffee and sit in my minivan and just be for a little bit. I thought doing something I love, creating, just for myself, by myself sounded nice.

I grabbed some sushi from Fred Meyer (anyone else eat sushi from Fred Meyers?), got a cold brew Starbucks coffee, and drove to a beautiful location. I parked my van, rolled down my windows a little and enjoyed the green soccer field in front of me and the tall trees and mountain beyond that. It was sunny and the sky was blue with some clouds floating off in the distance. It was beautiful.

I drank my coffee and read a chapter of my book Nobody Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle. Then I pulled out my sketch journal and roughly sketched the trees in the distance. I thought of getting out and finding something smaller to draw than a landscape (I'm better at still life) but I didn't.

When I finished my sketch, I looked at it. It wasn't spectacular but I had fun and I liked it. That evening, instead of vegging out on my phone before bed, I pulled out my watercolors and painted color and life into my sketch. It was so enjoyable!

Then I thought, "Why don't I make more time to do stuff I love, like creating?" I know I have time that I spend on my phone or computer that I could put towards something that actually fills me up.

Do you have an art or activity that you truly love and brings you joy? I challenge you to carve out a little time to do it! Paint, dance, make movies, knit, garden, whatever it is that rejuvenates you, do it! 

Much love,


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