It's Good for the Soul

As I sat in bed this morning, with my cup of coffee and blanket over my knees, I anticipated a smooth talk with God... But the words just didn't come.

My sleepy brain and sluggish spirit just kind of sat there. The thought whirling around, I'd focus for a moment, talk to God, and then the churning of so many thoughts and ideas would flood back in and take over.

I did my best. With God and me, it's like talking with a good friend, it doesn't have to always be the best conversation, it's showing up that matters most. 

After my sporadic prayer time I pulled out my journal and did a Brain Dump. As soon as I pulled out that pen and paper and started jotting the thoughts and concerns down I began to feel better. Not from being less overwhelmed, but understanding why I was, Step 1 remember. 

Then I did a quick categorizing of "Yes" and "No" indicating whether "Yes" I should focus on that or "No" I should let that go for now.

I followed up by writing what I need to do with my "Yes" things -mainly, I needed to acknowledge my own feelings about things as well as a few "to-do" things as well.

Then, I flipped the page.

Wrote "Gifts" at the top and grabbed my purple pen.

-My daughter playing with her brother in the back yard
-Walking as a family
-The wonderful Spring weather
-The freedom to pursue goals and dreams
-Financial progress
-Our backyard

So simple. Yet, so powerful.


I love that in the Bible is says "Rejoice always, again, I say rejoice!" (Philippians 4:4) And science backs that up by showing that gratitude can positively effect our mood and our health. "Fill your minds with beauty and truth. Whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy. Think about such things".

I love these verses because they are instructions of love. We are often overwhelmed with life and underwhelmed with the beauty around us. We are often consumed by the negative and oblivious of the positive. We naturally gravitate towards the negative, I think it's a survival based thing, but REJOICE!


Because it changes our perspective, it encourages our hearts, and it feels our minds with truth. Even when things are hard, bad, or overwhelming there is always something beautiful and good to remember and take note of. 

It doesn't make the hard stuff go away but it helps us have a better perspective in the midst of it. So, Mama, along with a good Brain Dump, I want to encourage you to also count those blessing, list your gifts, and remember the beauty in the middle of the struggle.

Much love,


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