Love Like Daisies

I'm currently in bed sick right now (with a nasty cold, no fever). I had other blogs lined up for you guys but with the coronavirus effecting nearly every aspect of our lives, posting about the "normal" things didn't seem right.

I wanted to share with you a little moment that brought me joy and peace the other day. In the midst of all this chaos and fear I hope that it might remind you, as it did me, of how special and loved we all truly are.

My family has continued to have our daily walks despite the social distancing. Not a lot of people are out walking and exercising but those we see we say "hi" to as they walk by, just like normal.

The day was sunny though a bit chilly. We'd made our usual round loop and were heading back to the van to head home, and my husband back to work, when my son stopped to pick a daisy.

He had been running and walking along the path when suddenly he stopped, turned to the side of the path, squatted down, and carefully picked the top off of a little white daisy. He brought it over to me and I really hoped he'd give it to me. He did and I said "Thank you!" truly thrilled with his little gift.
Not a daisy, but this is the first flower he ever game me! <3

He went a few more steps down the path and saw more daisies, again, he went over and carefully picked them and brought them lovingly to me. He kept and carried around a few for himself for awhile and then, in the end, also decided to give them to me as well.

I was full of love and joy over my little son's generosity and nothing else mattered at that moment. A diamond ring couldn't have more value to me than those little daisies.

In light of the fear and this virus, it does my heart SO much good to know I'm loved! Loved by my family, my kids, my friends, but also, as a Christian women, knowing I'm loved by God means more to me then everything.

To God, I'm like my little son is to me. I'm small in comparison to Him, I don't have much to offer but myself and my "daisies" (the effort I give to do what is right and honor Him), but I am LOVED BEYOND MEASURE. I am safe in His love in a chaotic world. I'm treasured, enjoyed, and delighted in, and YOU ARE TOO!

To me LOVE CONQUERS FEAR, hope keeps us going, and faith overcomes. I hope this brings you the comfort it has brought me.

You are loved.
You are special.
There is hope.

Much love,


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