Not Enough Hours in a Day?

We've all heard or said "There's not enough hours in a day."

Is that really true?

We always have more we can do. There's always something left to do... but is 24 hours really not enough time for what we are supposed to be accomplishing in a day?
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A wrote a post quite awhile back on evaluating my success in my day differently (read that post HERE). When I looked at my day from a different perspective, I realized I was doing exactly what I was supposed to.

"There's always one more thing to do." I just said that before bed the other night as I was walking off to bed and remembered the cloth diapers were still in the washing machine and couldn't be left wet all night. Always more to do, but did I do enough?

I did.

Each day, I do enough. I do what I'm intended to. I look after my family, loved on my husband, connected with people. I do so many chores and take on so many challenges. I am strong and I work hard. I love deeply and I make a difference. I love my moments and my life.

I do have enough time in a day to do what I'm actually designed to do. I think when we fall into the "if I just had more time" trap, it's because we are doing more than we are called to or having unreasonable expectations of what one person should accomplish in a day. 

I'm no superwomen but, as a mom, I do a whole heck of a lot each day and so do you! Take account of your day, look at what matters most to you, and put that as your goal for the day. Be proud of yourself and what you accomplish. I know all to well that there's ALWAYS something more to do, but know you've done good, you've done enough, and you're making a difference!

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