Pure Joy?

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I don't feel like I am very good at this one. I don't think it is an easy verse to live up to.

I was not very good at being joyful because of my chronic pain, though I am very joyful now that it is mostly gone. 

My baby is having separation anxiety (I think?) and it's a real struggle to get him to sleep without me, I'm certainly not very joyful about that. It is exhausting.

Not to mention that currently the world has been flipped upside down.

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Here at Joy in the Journey it is our mission to encourage you mamas to find the joy in your mothering journey. That doesn't mean that we are exactly experts at doing that ourselves.

Because life does really suck sometimes! We go through hard things, whether that's a global pandemic or a teething baby, things can be really, really challenging.

But I want to challenge you to look for the joy in this journey, mama. I think we are supposed to look for the joy, because sometimes that joy is all we have to hold on to. So grasp on to what you can find and hold on tight, no matter how small it is. We will get through this, mamas.

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Much love!


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