Social Distancing Perks??

As we are all encouraged to stay home as much as possible to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, I've found some interesting results.

First, I am a "need to get out and see people EVERY DAY" type person, so the idea of staying home and hunkering down in NOT a "nice break" for me. I'm home most of the time anyway.

However, as we headed into this weekend knowing we were going to be home, that our plans have been cancelled and church has been closed (so sad), we decided to try and make the most of it.

We decided to take advantage of the home time to POTTY TRAIN our son (I'll tell you more about that on Wednesday). So we've been really social distancing this weekend with that task at hand.

Now, I did go grocery shopping on Friday. Saturday, which is usually our family fun outing day was spent at home... And was surprising pleasant!

It was so sunny and warm! My husband quickly got antsy (he's a doer) and pulled out the quads we were given as a gift to wash and maintain them. Soon all the kids, and the dog, were happily buzzing around the backyard as my husband tinkered on the four-wheelers. 

I joined as well and quickly got inspired to teach our now 12-year-old how to drive a quad. She's my hands on learner and adventurous like her daddy, so I thought she'd catch on quick.

So that's what we did! We went to our small, gravel driveway and my hubby taught our daughter about the clutch, gas, and break. She stalled A LOT but we all cheered when she finally got it rolling. 

I took a turn next and flew around the little space, my second daughter clinging gleefully to my back. The baby's turn with daddy. It was so much fun. Simple fun. Present fun. A connecting time.

As social distancing is becoming more stringent, I encourage you Mamas to make the most of the time. Sure, they'll be crummy and stressful day but also there will be special, fun, and connecting days. Take the time to laugh, play, and treasure this home time with your family!

Much love and stay safe!



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