Sorrow in the Passing

Sadness over the passing of time

My eldest child, my daughter, is twelve...

I'm been having a lot of mixed emotions about her growing up, about her changing from girl to women, and everything in between. 

Now she's twelve!

I know that's not an official "teenager" but she's in that life stage regardless. She's changing. She's not just "my little girl" and I feel sad, grieved, sorrowful. *Tears coming to my eyes*
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It is INCREDIBLY hard for me when I realize my daughter is going to be driving in four years, and "leave me" in six. It grieves my soul to know that the time of my daughter being little is really over and a new stage of her life has begun... And a new phase of MINE!

My role as mother, my parenting changes as she grows, and this new stage is scary to me. 

I'll never let go of loving my daughter, being there for her, and supporting her through life. I will be here to guide her into adulthood, to hold her hand along the way, and then to let go of her as she needs...

That's the part that make me cry.

I have to let go of my little girl and accept who she is now and who she is becoming.

It's exciting! I'm so incredibly proud of her!! I love who she is! I'm thrilled to see what she'll become. I adore her inside and out... but I also can't get over the fact that I'm loosing my little girl, the little girl she used to be.

I'm all tearing and emotional as I type these words out. Any words of encouragement are welcome but I also want to remind you again, dear Mama, how short the time is, how precious the moments. Hold on tight, love big, and forgive often. Life is too short not to love with everything we have!

Much love,


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