Thankfulness Defeats Worry

How are you doing, mama?

Me? Right now, I am kind of envious of my cat. 
He just sleeps, eats, asks for loving and gets it every time he asks. He has no idea that the coronavirus even exists. He has no idea that I had to go to three different stores yesterday before I found the right cat food for him (he's picky and wont eat just any cat food; it never occurred to me that panicked people would be hoarding cat food). Yeah, I'm jealous.

And I'm kind of jealous of my kids. Even the one with a possible OCD diagnosis (with the pandemic happening, I'm sure his appointment for his behavioral analysis and hernia surgery are both going to be pushed back) is out in the yard right now, carefree and playing Star Wars and completely unaware of the tension that I'm feeling. Since my kids are homeschooled, they have not been hugely affected by the quarantines, though they do miss their extracurricular activities and have asked me lots of questions about what is going on.  

Its not that I'm afraid of us getting the coronavirus. We just went through two weeks of the flu, which as I understand has pretty much the same symptoms. I am worried about those I love that are in the high risk category. I am also worried about our country, which was so divided even before this all started happening. I'm worried about what the future will look like for my kids. I'm worried about being able to make them balanced and healthy meals when the grocery stores are limiting the amount of food we can buy per visit (one package of toilet paper and three packages of meat for a family of 7, how long do you think that will last?)

But this worry is doing nothing for my health.

Inhale. Exhale. Let it go.

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I really need to flip the switch. I need to start focusing on what I am thankful for, not what I am worrying about. 

Like this funny cat who just crawled into my lap and flipped into the baby position. 

Like the sound of my kids playing in the yard. 

That my baby is sleeping. Sleeping in HIS OWN BED. And that I'm not currently wrestling with him while trying to type this. Haha...

I'm thankful my husband has a job. I'm thankful for the whir of the refrigerator, which is currently full of food for my family. I'm so thankful for our home.

I am very blessed. So are you, mama. 

I want to hear your blessings, what you are thankful for. Please comment below!

We are going to get through this.

Lots of Love,


  1. Health, a safe home, food, electricity, heat, and happy children.


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