The "Luxury" of #StayHome

I was driving home today from our normal walk with my husband. We go to a walking path near his work and go around the loop. We saw other people out and gave the 6 feet distance to keep everyone safe.

It's strange, this self isolating, physical and social distancing. It's not normal, not one bit! But I felt personally convicted to do my part in minimizing the spread of this COVID-19 so that I could help with helping save lives...

I gave myself two full weeks of no in-person meetings, I'm on Day 8 as your reading this. I knew two weeks was a manageable goal for me, one that I could do without significant mental health problems and one that I could set my sights on and accomplish. I also realized that at the end of the two weeks we'll see how things are in the world, how well we are doing as a society.

The thing that I wanted to share with you today might be a little strange but I am privileged that I can #StayHome. That my husband has an income still and we're alright. I'm privileged to be able to have the "luxury" of staying home, being safe, and limiting the spread. It's a privilege that I can do that and my family is still fed, clothed, and warm.

I think about others that if they don't work, their families won't eat. I think of others who strongly feel the need to risk their own physical safety to provide for their family in this scary time... And I also think of the medical workers who are sacrificing their time, health, and emotional well-being to serve their community and save lives.
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The least I can do, is stay home... And though there is nothing fun about it, I'm so grateful to have the ability to do my little part in helping limit the spread of this disease.

Remember, that being able to stay home is really hard but it's also a great privilege to do if we are able. It's an honor to be able to help our communities, families, and medical workers in some small way. What we do matters, ever single day. You've got this Mama!

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