For MOPS last week, we did a vision board.

I was a little nervous when I heard that was what we were going to do for this meeting. I've never done one before, and it honestly sounded a little too trendy for me (I don't feel very trendy, one of my insecurities). 

But the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I decided to just not care what everyone else was doing with their boards and to start sketching. Sketching is something I have been doing a lot the past four weeks (since I had surgery and have been bound to my bed or the couch a lot) and I find it a good way to release the bound up creativity inside me. I sketched a picture of the river, and as I did, I thought of all the things I am excited about doing this year.

I am recovering from a surgery that hopefully will relieve me from the pain I've been in the past seven years. So there is a lot to be excited about. 

My board got stomped on by some toddler feet after the meeting, but I feel like it gives it character. :)
I want to spend more days fishing and swimming and camping (each in their season). I want to hunt again. I want to hike and mushroom pick and crab and clam dig, preferably with friends. To catch up with the weeds in my flower beds and to have a spring, summer, and fall vegetable garden. And keep my greenhouse stocked year round. I want to catch up with my scrapbooks. I want to get my house organized and decluttered and to be better at budgeting and saving. I want to keep sketching. I want to make sure I am not neglecting the kids' school and also make sure I teaching them the really important values that will do more for them than knowing multiplication or adverbs. 

Sounds exhausting, doesn't it? For some reason, putting these goals up on this board didn't make them seem overwhelming, though. These are all activities that I enjoy, and I know I will get there somehow. One thing at a time. 

What are your visions and goals? I really like the idea behind a vision board, maybe you could make one too? Might be fun to make one together as a whole family?

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Lots of love, 


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