Work Zone Ahead

My home is where I work.

I do laundry, cook, clean, do the dishes, teach my children, change diapers, organize, pick up messes, as well as correct, comfort, and hold my children. I work all the time! It seems never ending and some times incredibly monotonous. Every day I do a very similar thing as the day before. That can be rough at times.

The majority of all the "work" I do in a day is inside the four walls of my home. I also rest and have fun and enjoy moments in my home, but there's a lot of work that goes on.

That's why for me it's so important to GET OUT. To get out for me means letting go of the work I have to do, the lists I want to accomplish, and the chores that are always there to do. It means putting aside the "stuff" for awhile and just being instead. It means time for focus and freedom, laughter and fun.

To me, getting out is so important. 

And that's where my Daily Walks come in. Walks for me are a time of adventure, a break from school and chores, a time to spend some quality time with my children and often my husband as well. Walks rejuvenate my soul, help me get a little (or lot) of Vitamin D, and get me in a way better mood.

What is your "Work Zone" and do you have a practical way of getting away and enjoy time in your day to recoup?

Much love,


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