A Different Kind of FUN.

I found myself mom comparing lately. :(

Never a good thing. 

I was watching other mom's "Fun Mom Moments" with their kids and comparing mine with theirs. I felt less than. Have I got less fun the more kids I've had? Am I not doing as good of job? The questions always come. 

I used to curl up and watch a movie with my kids in bed... I used to play a lot more with my kids at the park... I used to do so many things... 

Then it came to me.

I just have different Fun Mom Moments with my kids. I don't do a lot of fun crafty activities anymore because of my little one. I don't usually play with my kids at the park, I'm usually overseeing the baby's safety. I often say "No" to playing a card game, seeing their latest invention, or doing something that feels "extra" at the time.

Some of reasons for this "less fun mom" is I need a break and then I'd be happy to do those things with my kids. However, a lot of it is I just do different fun things with my kids.

I love adventuring with my kids. For us, this usually happens outside because home is my "work zone". Our daily walk (that in Winter are harder to fit in) are my fun time, my adventures with my kids. We went on a walk the other day with a kid bike, stroller, and dog. We all (me included) took a turn on the bike, my 10 year ended up goofing around in the stroller, and we just had a blast!
We also did this the other day which was a ton of fun.

Yesterday, I did play with my kids at the park (this was written pre-lockdown). I wanted to climb and bounce and goof off along with them. We tried to climb up on top of a dome which was a huge challenge and was only accomplished through team work. These are my kind of Fun Mom Moments. These are the things we do that's just us having a good time... Now, my baby was not happy while I was fighting to get on top of that dome and I realize that a lot of my "not funness" is the season of life.

I've had more adventures at times and this is a season of simpler or less adventures, but it's still good and I still have fun with my kids, just in different ways.

My encouragement to you, dear Mama, is remember we are all different, beautiful, and wonderful. We all have different ways of enjoying the different seasons. Just focus in on your fun moments and don't compare with other.

Much love,


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