Finding HOPE during Global Crisis

I feel hopeful for the FIRST time in this whole giant mess of a pandemic.

Yes, I know this pandemic will be over in time. Yes, we'll get through this but I just haven't had a lot of hope with no certain end in sight and so many restrictions on our taken-for-granted freedoms.

Today, I feel hopeful again.

I've reached a new stage in my social distancing "journey" which is to connect in person but with distance. I feel SO hopeful and excited about this. About getting see and talk to a friend. I said "hi" to my in-laws the other day from my mini van, which I mentioned already.

I feel hopeful because I finding small, little ways to not just survive my day to day life but actually enjoy most of it. I'm taking the kids out anywhere and everywhere I can, as much as I can, and that does wonders for all of our moods. It's been sunny and warm which always has a positive effect on my mood. I have been still keeping informed, but not heavily consuming, the media and news.

All these things may be small, but they are my lifeline right now. They are little glimmers of light when things feel so dark. They are small bits of relief to the anxiety and fear I've been feeling.

I've reached a point of hope. Hope to find a way to thrive even through this global crisis. A way to connect and still prioritize safety. This will end in time, it's okay that it's hard, but I'm here to share my glimmer of hope with you.

Connect (with at least 6 feet apart), find ways to love on others during this time, and do little things that make you smile.

You are loved!


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